Chiboust, Tarrytown

Chiboust, Tarrytown

14 Main Street
Tarrytown, New York

5 Second Summary:
Price Range- Tastings $6-8, Small Plates $8-17, Entrees $18-28 (at time of posting)
Ambiance- Upscale bistro and patisserie
Cuisine- French/Mediterranean
Hits- Fresh, sophisticated flavor combinations, local color, and decadent desserts
Misses- Very small space, fair service

Jill Rose is no fool.  The CIA graduate and Chiboust owner placed a large, refrigerated bakery case in immediate view when patrons enter the Main Street bistro and bakery.  Rows of strategically placed sweets –sumptuous custards, ganaches, frangipanes, and tarts– invite and entice.
I met a friend on a Monday night at 6:30 pm, and there was only one other group of diners in the small cafe.  Within a few hours, most of the tables were occupied— impressive for a Monday night, even if other local bistros like Mint and Sweet Grass Grill are closed on Mondays.
Chiboust is trendy, warm, and cozy with blue candle holders, a lovely exposed brick wall, twin mirrors with braided gilt frames, and framed collages by Sleepy Hollow artist Laura Carrarro.
Lady Heads by Sleepy Hollow collage artist Laura Carrarro on display in Chiboust

Lady Heads by Sleepy Hollow collage artist Laura Carrarro on display in Chiboust

Our meal began with a rosemary focaccia that was rather dry.  We proceeded to two Tastings, tapas-sized share-able plates.  The first was three bacon-wrapped dates coated with a delicious crust of manchego cheese, served piping hot on a skewer.  The combination of sweet date with salty bacon and manchego was absolutely delicious.  The second was a plate of three pulled pork spring rolls, artfully placed in a little pyramid over a bed of mixed greens.  At first bite, they tasted bland, but a full, round ginger flavor developed at the finish.  My friend was impressed that they “weren’t at all greasy.”  Also served on the plate was a brownish sauce that tasted strongly of horseradish; we asked the waitress to help identify the ingredients, but she never did.
My friend had the day’s soup special, a thick white bean potage with a thin, oily layer of basil emulsion on top and flavored with herbes de provence.  The potage was rich, complex, and flavorful.
We shared the day’s salad special: watercress and endive with prosciutto, caramelized apples, feta, and balsamic vinaigrette.  The nuttiness of the watercress and the bitter endive balanced with the prosciutto salt and the sweet apple and balsamic… again, lovely balance.
The soup and salad were categorized on the menu as Small Tastings, considered “appetizers” but really generous portions large enough for dinner or to be shared by two.
The last Small Tasting was a Waygu burger on a toasted, buttered sourdough roll served with thick slices of fresh tomato, onion, and lettuce.  It was cooked to a perfect medium-rare and absolutely delicious on a soft, salty, buttery roll.  The burger itself was essentially a dinner-sized portion, way too much for me to finish.
We opted to share several Tastings and Small Plates rather than just try two different Plats du Jour (regular sized entree portions) even though several appealed.  There were several delicious dessert options, including a
a raspberry quince custard and a mixed berry frangipane tart.
All in all, Chef de Cuisine Vijay Raghavan blends fresh, delicious flavors, and pastry chef/owner Jill Rose creates exquisite fruit and chocolate treats.  The service, however, was not always attentive, and our servers were not always very knowledgeable about dish ingredients and preparations.
There are several dishes I’d like to go back and try, and Rich enjoyed the half waygu burger I brought home (I was too full to finish!).  That said, I think I’ll definitely visit again to take further advantage of the dessert case.

Chiboust exterior, Tarrytown

Chiboust exterior, Tarrytown

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