Farmers’ Market- Bronxville


Stone Place and Paxton Avenue (off the Bronx River Parkway)
Saturdays (early June through mid-November)
8:30 am – 1 pm

Now this is a farmers’ market.

Situated off the beaten path, the Bronxville Farmers’ Market contains a great selection of local products.  It’s a small market, but the vendors are friendly, which is what farmers’ markets are all about, right? There’s nothing quite like spending a sunny Saturday morning chatting with folks who believe in what they’re selling and can tell you about their methods.

Among the vendors, you’ll find lots of New York-based folks: Clean Ridge Soap (Pound Ridge), Dutch Desserts (Kinderhook), Morgiewicz Produce (Goshen), Orchards of Conklin (Pomona), Rock Hill Bake House (Glens Falls), the Artisinal Cheese Center (NYC), and Hummingbird Ranch Honey (Staatsburg).  Big Indian-based Pika’s Farm Table features quiches, soups, tarts, gratins, empanadas, and gluten-free risotto cakes; the owners, a Belgian husband-and-wife team, offer organic, local, and low-environmental impact ingredients including free-range chicken eggs and local produce.

At Panzarella’s stand, I was offered samples of “Guaranteed the BEST Mozzarella in the Country… period!” (see my previous rants on the quality of mozzarella).  Panzarella’s offers prepared foods, including bottled tomato sauce, artisan cheese pizza, Bruno’s gourmet ravioli, Maryland champagne crab cakes, Caribbean marinated seafood, veggie burgers, buffalo burgers, and sirloin burgers.  Both the vendors and the brochure were friendly, offering tips on how to best keep purchased items to maximize freshness.  (For the record, I didn’t think the mozzarella was the best in the country, but the plain and smoked varieties were very good.  The curd is somewhat local, as Panzarella’s gets its dairy from Union, New Jersey.)

I also spent some time chatting with Charlie from Cascade Mountain Winery and Restaurant in Amenia, NY.  Cascade offered a fresh seyval blanc (white), a couer de lion (red), and a combination of the two called Heavenly Daze.  This rose-colored blend is made with vanilla bean, lemon zest, and cinnamon and is not as sweet as a rosé. The flavor profile (I wish I got to use the phrase more, given that it’s the name of this blog!) is actually quite lovely; you get the cinnamon, then the lemon, and the vanilla at the end.  I’m no wine snob, and noses and bouquets may certainly elude me, but these flavors are overt and progress across the palate without a lot of effort to decipher them.  It was not as sweet as I expected (I’m told they’ve refined a bit to decrease the sweetness) but sweeter than what I normally drink.  Charlie convinced me that Heavenly Daze tasted great over fresh strawberries (preferably paired with shortcake).  Um.  He was right.  Wow!

Another highlight was a bag of agave-sweetened belgian chocolate hazelnut “Biskookys” from Mostly Myrtle’s.  “Better than biscotti,” Biskookys are made with unbleached flour and apple puree, and some are made without sugar.  At $4.50 a bag, I was first impressed by the rich chocolate flavor, which would complement a good cup of coffee.  On the road and without beverage in hand, I thought they were a bit dry at first (as biscotti are), but I managed to wolf down the whole bag before getting home.

I also had a chance to speak with market General Manager Mary Liz Mulligan, who shared with me her commitment to supporting New York farmers and businesses.  In organizing the market, she tries to remain true to “the purpose of the farmers’ market” and the philosophy of bringing local food to consumers.  The only non-New York business was California-based Gourmet Blends, which sold barrel-aged balsamics and complemented the delicious whole-grain breads sold a few tents away.

Although farm-raised meats haven’t always been available, Bronxville remains one of my favorite farmers’ markets.


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