Farmers’ Markets- Yonkers


St. John’s Church (Getty Square, Hudson Street and South Broadway)
Thursdays (July through mid-November)
8 am – 4 pm

The Yonkers Farmers’ Market, which technically bills itself as a “Farmers’ Market and Flea Market” (and is definitely more of the latter), is about as urban as a farm market can get.  Tall, gray buildings reach skyward around the small church courtyard, nestled cozily in the center of the very-busy Getty Square market.

Once the bustling center of a promising Hudson River city, Getty Square has fallen on harder times and, recently, has been subject to attempts at gentrification- with debatable success.


Only three tents sold produce, but the it was all genuinely local and farm-produced.  Selection was limited mostly to zucchini, squash, lettuce varietals, herbs, and other staple crops.  One of the most plentiful tables was run by an Amish family with light and dark honey at very reasonable prices ($16 for an 80 oz. bottle).


Four dollars bought me a bag full of not-quite-ripe-yet apricots, a generous bundle of fresh mint, and a ptilotus plant.  This market had a lovely variety of fresh flowers.


I was also glad to see that the Yonkers market, particularly the Amish family’s table, accepted New York State farmers’ market checks, which allow the economically disadvantaged to purchase wholesome, local, organic foods.  Too unfortunately in our food culture (and due to problems inherent in the food industry), it costs more to purchase organic fruits and vegetables than it does to buy fast food.  Families struggling with the cost of living cannot always make the healthiest choices when McDonald’s dollar menu yields a hamburger but a dollar can’t buy a head of broccoli.  Thus, the Yonkers market has responded to this need.


I don’t foresee many upper-Westchesterites traveling to humble Yonkers (my hometown) to visit the farmers’ market, but it makes my heart glad to know that there is one nearby, that I can easily support hardworking farmers, and that access to fresh, wholesome food is accessible to people in all parts of the county.

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