Silver Palm: Three Little Piggy Sandwich


768 North Milwaukee Street
Chicago, Illinois

5 Second Summary
Price Range- Sandwiches $7.50-11.95, Dinner Entrees $15.50-24.50 (at time of posting)
Ambiance- Late-night casual
Cuisine- Traditional/new American
Hits- Nifty sense of history, belly-busting grub
Misses- Only open for dinner and the kitchen closes at midnight (so time your visit carefully!)


Anthony Bourdain called it “the best sandwich” he’s ever eaten, and my best friend Caroline simply had to try it while we were in Chicago.

We traveled to the Silver Palm on three separate occasions to get out grubby little mitts on this greasy little sandwich… and, finally, the salty taste of success!
The Three Little Piggy sandwich is pork tenderloin, double-smoked ham, bacon, a fried egg, and your choice of cheddar or Gruyere cheese served with a pickle and a stack of crispy french fries.


I only had a few bites, but it was everything a sandwich should be… salty, greasy, cheesy, and filled with Chicago pork.  Caroline, the main eater, all but had tears in her eyes.


The main dining area of the Silver Palm is an out-of-service dining car dating back to 1947 and nabbed from the former Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, which made runs from New York to Florida (hence the name “Atlantic Coast”) and occasionally on the “Silver Palm” route from Chicago to Florida (hence the name of the restaurant), attached to a brick-faced bar area.  Strewn with strings of red, Christmas-style lights, the sleek, stainless steel dining car is the perfect backdrop for a group of girls who’ve traveled far and wide for the perfect late-night snack.
That said, I’d like to go back to sample some of Silver Palm’s other tempting and railroad-inspired wares:

  • Louisville and Nashville smoked baby back ribs
  • Southern Pacific Railway’s Double Ginger Duckling- half duckling slowly roasted with fresh and candied ginger jus
  • New York Central’s Grilled Walleye Pike, Meuniere- grilled Canadian walleye pike filet in white wine and butter sauce
  • Baltimore & Ohio R.R. Yellow Perch- Midwest yellow perch filet coated with panko breadcrumbs
  • Southern Railway’s Duck Club Sandwich- grilled duck breast, prosciutto, and sundried cherry compote on brioche
  • Seaboard Airline Railroad’s Shrimp & Scallop Po Boy– gulf shrimp and bay scallops with tartar sauce, romaine lettuce and pickled green tomato

Was the Three Little Piggy sandwich worth the trip?
Yes, but bring your iron stomach.

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