Pepe’s Pizza

11 Central Avenue (formerly Ricky’s Clam House)
Yonkers, New York


5 Second Summary:
Price Range- Small pies $6-14, Medium pies $9-21, Large pies $12-28 (at time of posting)
Ambiance- Classic pizza parlor, casual family eatery
Cuisine- Pizza
Hits- Crisp, mouth-watering pepperoni
Misses- Be prepared to wait! The lines can get long!
Walking into Pepe’s Pizza, you get a sense of the large-scale operation at work.  Pepe’s is, basically, a pizza factory. Behind a giant pizza bar running nearly the entire length of the restaurant, an assembly line of flour-coated, white-clad workers churn out pies with mechanized alacrity.
The secret weapon is Pepe’s coal-fired oven, which makes the pizza unlike any other you’ve had in Westchester.
Check out its gaping maw below.  How could anything coming out of this fiery inferno not be delicious?!?
My dad and I stopped at Pepe’s, prepared to bring home a pepperoni pie and a chicken pie.  The take-out counter was like the FDR Drive during rush hour, and the line of people waiting for tables stretched toward the doors.  Although Pepe’s is larger than your average pizzeria, seating is limited.  We waited patiently for about 25 minutes (although I can’t lie; I absolutely, positively sampled the pepperoni in the car).  The result? Holy yum. Burned to a crisp, the pepperoni were sliced rounds of salty Heaven… the best I’ve tasted anywhere: within Westchester and beyond.
Pizza crust can be tricky and very subjective— some like thin, some like thick, some like grainy-delicious bits of corn meal on the bottom (who me?).  Having grown up on pizza (it was practically a food group in my family) that was truly the best of the best (I went to school in Morris Park and worked off Arthur Avenue for years), I am pretty picky about my pies.   My own personal pizza standard is Pizza & Brew in Scarsdale, a family favorite, with thick, doughy crust, ample sauce, and plenty of finely-melted cheese.  To give you further perspective about my taste, a similar style favorite is Mina’s in Ardsley: also home to the thick, doughy crust and generous portions.
Now that I’ve set the stage, Pepe’s crust is bar none the most versatile crowd-pleaser in Westchester.  There- I’ve said it.  It is doughy enough to satisfy the thicker-crust-aficionados but thin and just-crusty-enough for the “thin-crusters.”  The flavors are spot-on, the cheese is crisp and bubbly, and the coal-fired taste is unmistakable.  What more could you ask for? Given Pepe’s popularity, other Westchester-ites clearly feel the same.

3 Responses to “Pepe’s Pizza”

  1. Great review but you still need to try the White Clam Pie, that is a pie Pepes is known for.

  2. Wish I could… allergic. :0(
    My brother said it was awesome, though.

  3. I’ll definitely try it when I go back home. I absolutely love pizza! I fell in love with Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn which was delicious, so I’ll see if Pepe’s competes. :o)

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