Mamoun’s Falafel (NYC)

119 McDougal Street (between Bleeker and West 3rd Streets)
New York, NY 10012

5 Second Summary:
Price Range- Many sandwiches under $2.50-5.00, platters $5-11, sides $1-2.50, pastries $1.50-1.75 (at time of posting)
Ambiance- Hole-in-the wall, take-out joint
Cuisine- Middle Eastern
Hits- Great eats for a better price than you could possibly imagine!, baklava and pastries
Misses- Don’t blink! You could miss it!

Mamoun’s flagship location in Greenwich Village is older than I am.  Serving Middle Eastern food since the early 1970s, Mamoun’s now has locations on St. Mark’s and in Connecticut.  My husband and I stopped by to pick up a few falafel sandwiches, which were irresistible at $2.50 each.  The falafel (made of chickpea, onion, parsley, garlic, and various spices) was greener (more parsley) than I’d ever seen.  The vegetables were fresh, and the pita held together well.

My husband had the kafta kebab (seasoned lamb with onions and parsley ground into a patty then grilled) platter: two patties served with a salad, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini sauce, and two warm pita breads.  [Photo unavailable due to rapidity of ingestion]

We got a small piece of absolutely delicious, flaky, honeyed baklava:

and a small piece of mabrume, a tidy pile of pastry (vaguely similar to Italian sfogliatelle) topped with honey, whole almonds, and chopped pistachios and walnuts.  It was impossible to eat in one sitting but disappeared very easily after several successive fork-in-hand passes through the kitchen.

Mamoun’s was sort of an accidental find for us, but at prices so low and with flavors so great, we’d definitely go back!

One Response to “Mamoun’s Falafel (NYC)”

  1. Allison DeLisi Says:

    I absolutely love this place. Cheap and delicious. The platter is also huge and great for a big group. You forgot to mention that we stumbled upon this place minutes after walking out of Minnetta Tavern 🙂

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