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Our Thai Honeymoon: Pushcarts

Posted in Our Thai Honeymoon: Pushcarts on August 6, 2010 by jaydel818

For the bold and daring, pushcarts abound in Phuket.  Many sell the same wares: skewered animal parts most wouldn’t dare to it, staked spits of grilled seafood, and the omniprescent whole dried squid.  Here, a native Thai who grew up in Los Angeles and returned to Phuket shows my husband what’s for sale.

For about 85 cents, we bought a wooden stick filled with roundish chicken-colored lumps.  “Chicken,” the vendor nudged us.  “Chicken.”  Slathered in a teriyaki-type sauce, the chicken was bony and crunchy… unlike any chicken I’d ever tasted except fort the teriyaki part.  “It’s chicken coccyx,” my husband explained munching the cartilage, “the chicken’s butt bone.”   Greeeeeeeat. I promptly headed over to the nearest trash and spit out my half-chewed coccyx.

Our friend, the Thai pushcart guy:

Dried, salted squid jerky (it’s actually pretty tasty):

Squid jerky

This pushcart vendor sold griddle cakes filled with just about anything you could think of.  Just as he was about to haul away for the night, I opted for a nutella cake.  He cooked it up on a  circular piece of hot metal and dotted nutella on it before folding it up and stuffing it into a paper cone.  I had hoped for something doughy, like naan, but what I got was crisp and oily, somewhere between a hot waffle cone and a thin pancake.

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