From My Kitchen- De Lisi Family Christmas Dinner

Food is no joke in my family.  We are serious about our food, and we seriously like to eat.  Here are some of the highlights from our Christmas Day dinner.  Feel free to contact me at for recipes (except maybe the De Lisi vinaigrette, which we keep a close family secret) .

Dad's heavy cream egg nog

Pane rustica from Mario Batali's Tarry Market

Dad's olive oil-soaked croutons... I DARE you to find a better crouton anywhere.


Salad (duh)

De Lisi Family Secret-Recipe Vinaigrette (the preparation and serving jar is part of its singular charm)... You can throw Joel Robuchon, Daniel Boulud, and Jacques Pepin in a room together, and I promise they won't come up with a dressing this good.

Sausage crumbles

Butternut squash ravioli with honeyed butter, pistachios, and sage

Twice-baked potatoes topped with cheddar and chives

Pepper-crusted prime rib

Asparagus with pancetta

Honeyed citrus carrots

My sister, Allison, enjoying some egg nog

My brother, Mike, preparing abnormally large ice spheres

A busy kitchen is a happy kitchen!


From our family to yours… happy holidays!

One Response to “From My Kitchen- De Lisi Family Christmas Dinner”

  1. Allison DeLisi Says:

    yay!! I think we did pretty well for ourselves 🙂 Beautiful pictures.

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